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We offer immigration assistance in litigation and our experience to aggressively and effectively advocate for you. Our immigration law firm will help you whether you are applying for an investor visa, business visa, family visa, or in removal proceedings.


Gurian Group, P.A. serves the communities of Miami & Broward Family-Based Immigration, Business Immigration,

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Providing a unique perspective on moving your family or business to South Florida. Mr. Gurian is a proud alumnus of Florida International University; where he received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Mr. Gurian uses his unique sets of skills he learned in college to provide unique and highly effective strategies in handling immigration matters and business dealings. Later Mr. Gurian attended law school in Miami, Florida and received his Law degree from St. Thomas University with a strong focus on real estate and property matters. During law school Mr. Gurian had the privilege of working with a former U.S. Attorney of Florida and then defending criminal matters in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach in a highly reputable boutique law firm. It was during his time there that Mr. Gurian found his calling and was inspired to become an immigration attorney after visiting the Holocaust Museum in Miami Beach. At this museum, Mr. Gurian saw his great grandfather’s name, for whom he is named after, on the memorial wall. Mr. Gurian considered this to be his life-calling because he is able to help immigrant families, like his own, stay together and raise future generations in a country that is free and full of opportunities.

Always up for a challenge, Mr. Gurian has found himself occasionally in civil court representing individuals and businesses in an array of matters. Recently, Mr. Gurian has collaborated with a group of talented law firms in Miami in representing a class action for individuals who had lender-placed insurance leading to settlements in excess of 150 million dollars (US). Mr. Gurian is also a licensed member of The Fund and is able to represent individuals and businesses in residential and commercial real estate title and closing transactions.

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When you hire a licensed attorney who exclusively handles immigration matters, you benefit from more than the lawyer’s intimate understanding of the law and processes.

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