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How to Navigate Deportation Proceedings

Nov. 24, 2020

At Gurian Group P.A., we understand the impact that being deported can have on your life and your family’s life.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can institute a deportation or removal proceeding for many reasons. Simply because ICE has sent you a notice to appear does not mean that you will automatically be removed from the U.S.

Our office is located in Miami, Florida, but we can represent you in immigration courts throughout the United States. You have the right to challenge your deportation and work toward exploring your options to remain in the U.S. You should have an attorney on your side who thoroughly understands immigration law and knows how to create a compelling argument on your behalf. We can do both.

What Could Lead
To Removal Proceedings?

There are many reasons why ICE may institute a deportation proceeding. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Commission of a crime, regardless of when it occurred

  • Conduct-based grounds, including drug or alcohol addiction

  • Errors of fraud related to immigration documentation such as participating in a fraudulent marriage

  • Staying in the U.S. after a tourist, student, or another visa has expired

  • Violating any condition of your visa status, including failing to update your address

Criminal Offenses Are
Essentially An Automatic Trigger

Criminal offenses are arguably the most common reason for deportation. If you are in the country illegally and arrested, ICE will know you are in custody and will likely begin the process for deportation. It is absolutely vital that you have an attorney who intimately understands immigration law. Even participation in certain diversionary programs to avoid conviction can impact your immigration status.

  • Do Not Wait To Contact An Immigration Lawyer

  • Do not wait to contact us after you have received a notice to appear in immigration court. Contact our law firm immediately to discuss your situation with a deportation removal defense lawyer who has dedicated his practice to helping individuals like you.

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